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The Family

IMG_7904It’s been two years since I decided to pick up photography again and bought me a digital DSLR plus cheapo (but nonetheless good) 50mm lens. Both are now unrecognizable: I added a splash of color to the grip that has now faded, the rubber is torn, plastic damaged, and details have been repaired with super glue. The zoom lens that I later got, had its share of abuse as well; I had to open it up once to take out a broken screw and ever since, it tends to jam in certain circumstances.



Summer Festivals

Notice the turtle helmet.Back when I started working as a stagehand, the summer festivals were my ultimate goal. My girlfriend at the time and myself would often attend Rock Werchter, despite the fact that neither of us really enjoyed the intense heat, improvised toilets and trash all around. I guess you could say we just didn’t “get” what festivals were all about.

IMG_2488Now I’m 27 and nearing the end of this year’s edition of summer festivals to work at. I was involved with several locations but the most prominent were Graspop Metal Meeting and Rock Werchter 2012. I’ve been doing both for 5 years and more and I’ve seen them both evolve and grow, move to different locations and add stages where they could. But mostly, I’ve seen the backstage areas change, security get tighter and the appeal of working at these prestigious festivals, dwindle.