The Family

IMG_7904It’s been two years since I decided to pick up photography again and bought me a digital DSLR plus cheapo (but nonetheless good) 50mm lens. Both are now unrecognizable: I added a splash of color to the grip that has now faded, the rubber is torn, plastic damaged, and details have been repaired with super glue. The zoom lens that I later got, had its share of abuse as well; I had to open it up once to take out a broken screw and ever since, it tends to jam in certain circumstances.

BannedAlthough a very pricey one, I think buying that gear might have been one of the best choices I ever made. My father seemed to agree: He covered a substantial part of the cost, which was a big deal to me. Nowadays, my camera goes where I go: I don’t want to end up in situations I wished I’d brought it, but didn’t.

Some people say they tend to leave their camera pocketed to fully enjoy a situation. I can relate to that, but personally disagree- In fact, I can enjoy a sight much more if I manage to show others why. Capturing and sharing my fascination for visual input is a huge outlet for me and is an added value to my appreciation for what I see.

The CitySo, wanting to take things further, I thought I’d step it up a little and got me the Canon EOS 7D camera body. While Nikon whores might consider it little more than an overpriced paperweight, it is actually a heavy chunk of state of the art technology, well into the ‘pro’ category and way smarter than I am. At first, it didn’t feel as much as an upgrade from my 500D as I hoped it would be, but when I compare them now, the 500D feels like a toy in my hand.

The 7D is built for 2 things: Durability and speed, both of which I tend to demand a lot from my camera. The reason I didn’t go for the 60D which is of a newer generation, is because this one has less frills and more solid fucking metal to it. It is, in fact, encased in a weather-sealed aluminum alloy that can take more punishment than my beautiful face. There’s a video (ignore testers’ douchebaggery please) online where they hit it with a truck, throw it down stairs, submerge it, freeze it and burn it and while the pictures look like shit, the camera still works. My kinda gear.

ShooterSo yeah, it cost me a couple years of savings, but I think this thing will follow me through whatever I’ll put it through. I feel like it’s the logical next step and I realize the irony in the fact that I’ve never gotten paid for a job (and I’ve done weddings, live performance shootings, promotional stuff, managers’ events, fashion and while I’m blowing my own horn, made it into national newspapers on several occasions) so there isn’t really any “steps” to begin with.

Regardless: Unless you’re spending fortunes of hard-earned money on it, your hobby hasn’t really gotten out of hand and you might as well have none- there I said it. The 7D has yet to prove itself in difficult situations but so far, I regret none of my expenses even the slightest bit.


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