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IMG_2476Berlin is burning.

They should have called it Burnin.
Haha. How funny am I.

Berlin was many things throughout history, and only became capital of Germany during the Nazi regime. The idea was to make it a bastion of civilization, per example of Rome in early history. It turned out slightly different and if anything, Berlin shows a past of extreme controversy.

IMG_2198A friend of mine described the place as marginal and I can see why: Half the people you meet on the street openly carry alcohol, there’s graffiti literally everywhere, and no one at all seems to have a job around here.
This marginality however, is at the same time the strength of the city. It is not a sign of a failing society, but instead a glimpse of an alternative one. This might be Berlin’s most attractive quality: Its history as a place of extreme conflict has attracted artists, squatters and freedom fighters from all around the world, who have had the chance to play a part in its reconstruction, and have established an underground society amongst themselves.