“You’ve been doing this too much.”

“You’re taking this too seriously.”

“You’re over-analyzing.”

If I had a euro for every time friends gave me one of these three lines, I could buy myself some new friends.

From playing Angry Birds (hate that game) to lifting scaff pipes, if there is anything I’ll be doing more than once, I’ve analyzed the systematics of it and attempt to bend the physics to my agenda.
Let’s take the example of scaff pipes: They are 2 meters or more in length, and made of a steel alloy which makes them kind-of heavy. Where I see colleagues bend and pick them up in the middle, I will first take one end, lift until the pipe is vertical, and then grab its center of balance (key word in overanalyzing!) and let it turn horizontal with hanging arm. If the pipe is 2m50 or more, I will let it rest onto my shoulder. That way I never had to carry more than half of the pipe’s weight on muscle strength, or with a bent back.

I’m not very strong, compared to most of my colleagues. Estimating the physics and trying to manipulate them is a great way for me to do things alone that would otherwise kill me in the long run, and the center of balance of things is essential in this. Take a rectangular place by its opposing corners and you can lift it horizontally, which is important when placing them in corners without risking a drop off the stage.

We once had a near-accident when a huge metal walkway fell vertically about 5 meters from the roof, on the ground in front of the stage, where I was standing. It landed right next to me and for a few moments, balanced on one corner before it would come crashing down. This allowed me to spin it and guide it to lean against the stage, even though it was many times heavier than me. I didn’t even need to drop my coffee for it.

Dealing with emotionally taxing situations become much easier if you just need an anchor. If you have the time beforehand, try to visualize how the conversation will go. I can guarantee you, you are way off. So instead, have that ideal conversation with yourself and explain why things have to go a certain way: A break-up, an explanation, pretty much anything: Once you get the ball rolling, it’s important to steer it straight.
So you make an anchor beforehand, a point of reference. A logical, reasonable explanation that you give yourself and you stick to it no matter what. This works in the long term too, as I experienced: I went through two years of some bad difficulties and what kept me going more than anything, was the fact that I saw it coming beforehand and promised myself, things would get better. It takes strength and trust in yourself, but unless you’re not clear on what it is you really want, making decisions beforehand and sticking to them, usually guides you through difficult moments.

It’s not only the way I roll, but I happen to amuse myself with it, even going as far as thinking of rhetorical situations and trying to find out what I’d do. Not ideally, but realistically, since there is a big difference. It’s an exercise in honesty with yourself and if you do it right, helps to anticipate difficulties and rise above them, become a better person.

This way of thinking; this emotional and technical anticipation, extends pretty much into everything I do, where I will try to figure out the system by which things work, and find the most effective (another key word!) method for doing things. I know it’s called over-analyzing and it may cost time and effort, but time and time again I can prove that it works.

I stopped trying to explain how and why to others because it often means a lengthy explanation about trivial things to people who don’t care, but if you would only ask, I can, in just about every physical, psychological and social situation. It helps me cope with unexpected situations and managed to save my hide once or twice. There’s certain laws by which reality works, and though they might not be as set in stone when it comes to personal things, those who forget, challenge or deny those laws tend to be sorry sooner or later.

There’s this new political party on the block that called itself ‘Red’. Stupid? Yes very.
It being the only non-represented color in politics-land is their excuse for that stupid name, but we all know better: Red for socialism, the euphemism for communism that seems to gain popularity on a daily basis around these parts.

Communism is represented all around, we even have a communist union. It just so happens that my girlfriend and I are both in it, for which I have the excuse that I didn’t realize unions these days still represent political ideals instead of playing the collective nagging voice of the people who seem to think they are entitled to pretty much everything for no effort or money.

My point?

They recently sent my girlfriend a letter starting with “Dearest Comrade”.

I shit you not.

Let me tell you a story:
A year ago, I travelled through Eastern Europe, visiting a list of countries that were once part of the Soviet Union. Countries that were first under Nazi terror and then “liberated” by the red army and tricked into accepting the communist regime.
In those countries, if you take the metro, you will be shocked to see the neo-Nazi slogans plastered over the walls. Fascinated by this, I started looking for the neo-Communist graffiti. You know where I found it?

Fucking, Nowhere.

IMG_0027The only thing that I did find were small memorials, careful little references to the commie past that showed the intense, bloody, gruesome struggle of those countries freeing themselves from the Union. Absolutely no one seems to care to ever go back to that, where suppression was reality and state murder common.

A couple years back I started to suspect that modern communists might just be misguided, and I have been more sure of this, every time it is confirmed. For some reason, people think they will obtain more freedom by handing it to the government to control. They come up with the most absurd bullshit and name it stuff like “Anarcho-Communism” (swear to god) and when I ask what it stands for, they tell me “they can’t be bothered” and I should look it up. Biggest crock of shit I have laid my eyes on so far, and I saw Lady Gaga in concert.

Communism is a failed social experiment. It came at the lives of thousands, millions of people, not to mention decades of terror that kept entire continents in its grip. I dare even say that is has done more damage than Nazism, which has some scientific and economic progress speaking for it. It is not only shameful; it is a disgrace of mankind and people who want to steer modern countries into this regime or similar, are the same idiots who fall for that retarded propaganda that made it so popular in the first place.

I will agree that our political system will have to go through major changes before I will consider my opinion represented in our government. But for the love of Maynard, is it so bad that we should… give up, and let a cold system determine what we should study, what we should do for work, and where?

There’s one thing I know: If this were a communist country, my life would have looked very different. And to be honest, I don’t think I even want to know the kind of future laid out for school quitters like me, and many others who are now given a chance to find alternative means of living.
I will fight that kind of regime until I’m dead.


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