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Guessing at Life

Life was simpler when we were young. Obviously it didn’t feel that way then, but as our mind develops and manages to compute more information at a time, the only noticeable effect of it is more and more questions.

I say “we” because I assume others feel the same way. So correct me if I’m wrong:
As I grow older and I’m collecting more responsibility with the new things I’m doing, I need some way to get a firm grasp on things around me in order to work with them. Basic understandings are sometimes a little difficult for me, you see. Good and evil, smart and dumb, efficient and inefficient, reasonable or unreasonable, true or false- it’s very hard to draw a line between all of these, even for yourself. But often, I am expected to make decisions that people count on, based on these principles, so I try to get them in order. Turns out, that is a difficult thing to do.



Life Among the Dirty: Continuation

God fucking damn it that shit's hilarious

2. Good things bring good things bring good things and so on. The first step is to leave the house.