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The first step to efficiently deal with any situation, good or bad, practical or emotional, pressing or trivial, is to face facts. This is why I write; To say things as they are, I am forced to accept that the situation is more than my perspective of it and to submit my vision to the opinion of strangers, helps me deal with it on a level I otherwise couldn’t.

You probably should stop reading here, I don’t think you’ll enjoy it. You might think it’s attention-seeking whining, overly dramatic, irrelevant, or uninteresting. I can promise you that it won’t mean as much to you as it does to me.

I think it will help me grow as a person to write this down publicly. Bear with me.




IMG_5799When I was about 16, my neighbor from across the street introduced me to a game. I’m not going to tell which, lest you look it up and get addicted to it like I did. All that is a thing of the past now, and the only thing that lingers from that period (beside a few important life lessons) are the contacts I made. And one of those contacts, is located in Norway.

Ever since visiting Norway for the first time, I genuinely feel like I have a second home there. There is an atmosphere there, reflected in the language, architecture and culture, that moves something in the middle of my chest. A serene air, a mist that seems to dumb down the saturation and noise so common in Belgium’s society. The people that I got to know there might not all be equally amazing (though some characters definitely are), but they seem aware of something we Western Europeans have forgotten generations ago.