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IMG_6473Germanic WarriorThe Goths were an East-Germanic people divided into the Visigoths and the Booboogoths, who pretty much single-handedly served the Roman empire its own ass and lived happily ever after until they all died. They were a tribe with lots of swords and shields and redheads, and for a numbskull like me, there is very little visual distinction between them and let’s say, the Celtics, the Gaels, the Vikings, or any caricature my grade school history books depicted fighting Romans, bears, or each other.




I passed out on the job. That’s the short story.

Here’s the long one.

At least most of it. I can’t even tell you what I was doing there because the office made us promise secrecy. It’s a rehearsal of sort and it doesn’t actually involve anyone important, but there’s people around who disagree and make a point of it to drive over and tell us that. By the hundreds. So we’re not allowed to disclose that information.