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Looking Glass

IMG_3960-001Photography is an adventure. Nothing short of it. I hate to sound like one of those hipsters going on about their gear, artsy filters and all that nonsense, but seriously: Photography is the shit. Just wanted to say that. Again.

Some people say we should live more about experiencing things rather than capturing them: Look up from your twitter account, or remove the camera from before your eyes. Open up and enjoy. And pretty much everyone who hears this load of shit noddles retardedly (both not words according to my spell check) and agrees without question. That’s okay. Not everyone can be expected to form an opinion for themselves.



“No person is so stupid that you can’t learn from them,” a friend of mine once told me wisely. And he was right of course, at least in theory. A theory I’ve tried to live by, but recently gave up on. With some, learning just involves so much patience, that I run out. I’m done interacting with people because it’s the nice thing to do.

You know them, no doubt. People whose world view exists in slogans and rhymes, whose principles change depending on the crowd they’re in.


Less is More

I was at a bar once (true story), with a Dutch couchsurfer. I remember disliking him, I was jealous of him for some reason but I can’t even remember why. There was someone else there but I couldn’t say who to save my life.
This guy had a thing, and his thing was, he told me, that he never ate sugar. Avoided it altogether. I didn’t find it all that special, until he started explaining about all the things they put sugar in. He even grabbed my bottle of orange juice, which I found extremely arrogant and mildly insulting.

Even though I still think of him as a dweeb, I’ve recently decided to cut down on sugar. Not because I feel like it’s affecting my health, but because I’m just growing sick of it.


Single Draft Disorder

All I want for Christmas is a summer without drama. Instead, I am submerged in it, in the sense that today is the last day of a long series of drama pieces onstage but also because it is when I decided to give up on my relationship.

There is plenty more to say about it but I’m not going to. I ended it because I was tired of the blame game and I don’t feel like continuing it now. Suffice to say that at the moment, I’m pretty pissed with the world.



This might be hard to believe, but…

I am currently staying in a boarding school in Ostend, by the Belgian coast. It’s called “Boarding School by the Sea” as though it concerns some exotic resort, but it’s a boarding school like any other with “educational” slogans on the walls, dark hallways, tiny rooms and a 40-year old “who’s still cool with the guys” in charge. Staying here just sickens me. This is the place where children’s dreams come to die forever.