Looking Glass

IMG_3960-001Photography is an adventure. Nothing short of it. I hate to sound like one of those hipsters going on about their gear, artsy filters and all that nonsense, but seriously: Photography is the shit. Just wanted to say that. Again.

Some people say we should live more about experiencing things rather than capturing them: Look up from your twitter account, or remove the camera from before your eyes. Open up and enjoy. And pretty much everyone who hears this load of shit noddles retardedly (both not words according to my spell check) and agrees without question. That’s okay. Not everyone can be expected to form an opinion for themselves.

IMG_4462For me, photography is a large part of the experience. Capturing the moment in its peak, not only makes for a nice photograph, but gives me enormous feeling of satisfaction, a confirmation and emphasis on the beauty of the situation. Only then will I stop and stare, relieved that I have a token of the moment, a shard of the emotion, to share with my future self and others.

IMG_6245I was complimented on my work today. Someone who said they had been following me for a while and that I made visible progress.
Calling a photograph good or bad is a matter of taste. But progress is not. Being able to gradually up the quality of something artistic by understanding the chunk of technology in my hand, is pretty much my ultimate satisfaction in this world. It’s why I became a technician, and why I will continue to enjoy photography until my heroic demise.

IMG_7413-2Understanding photography is understanding the core conceptsIMG_7172 of digital information, of the science of colors, optics, all the way down to beauty itself- the latter pretty much an unreachable goal. The whole concept of it seems insane to anyone unfamiliar with it, and even the most enlightened still boggle at the possibilities of what such a simple construction can accomplish.

Give me a quick body with a cheapo prime lens and don’t bother me for the rest of the day, and by the evening I’ll be smarter, more appreciative of the things around me, and might have a few good photos to boot.


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