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My father was 19 when his father suffered a stroke and died at age 58. I wasn’t born so when I heard he was a good uncle to my father’s niece, it was about the first thing I ever heard from him. That, and he wasn’t a great father to his children. It’s all I know, save his last name. From what I can tell, my father suffered greatly from the loss.

I was 10 when my mother suffered a stroke and died. I remember only fragments and though I can think back on them without much emotion, I feel like the experience left wounds beneath the surface that tend to make themselves felt in the worst kind of ways during those moments no one wants to encounter in life, but everyone will.

My father is 59 now and like clockwork, suffered a stroke.




Long Shots

Sexism: It’s a thing. I didn’t know that before.

As I grew up, my father kept his opinions regarding such things to himself. So much even, that I am still completely oblivious to his political opinion, and on just about any and all social matters.
And that’s okay with me. In fact, I feel like I should thank him some day for it (I’ll put it on the list), it gave me the perfect opportunity to form my own opinion, not one based on the one I was brought up with.

The downside is, that I only become aware of problems within our society when I am confronted with them. I didn’t know what racism was until I moved to the city, or poverty. I feel like I am still lacking foundation for my opinions on these matters, because I had to play catch-up.


David and the Mind

Do yourself a favor, click here. Relax, it’s Pink Floyd. Let it roll, perhaps you’ll see my point.

Dreaming of that face again.
It’s bright and blue and shimmering.
Grinning wide
And comforting me with it’s three warm and wild eyes.

I am under strong suspicion that Mr. Gilmour knows something the rest of us don’t. Pink Floyd is the popular end of a generation of experimentation with drugs, music and mental exploration that I’m glad came before my time. I can reap the benefits in the form of this kind of music and Ritalin, and not get hooked on LSD from the first minute, like I know I would.