If All Goes Well

If all goes well, I should currently be on an airplane over the Pacific Ocean, looking out the window over an unimaginably vast body of water, rethinking the things ahead. And there’s a lot to think about.

I should have succeeded in getting my driver’s license by then, although I will not physically own it. Someone will have to go get it while I’m gone, using my ID card while I fly with my travel pass, and send it to our arrival address.

If all goes well, we will be touching down in San Francisco, where I will be staying with a couch surfer along with my two friends. I feel bad for any non-CS’er who doesn’t have the privilege of knowing so many friends abroad that you feel welcome where ever you go.
The customs should accept me in, hopefully finding my flight home from Canada enough to warrant me passage. We will then spend 5 days preparing for what will hopefully be an unforgettable experience.

We will get in although we don’t have any physical tickets. We will set up camp in a favorable spot, and have good weather (but not too good, it’s a desert after all) for the rest of our stay.
I will smile at the art cars, I will cry at the temple. I will dance to music, holler at the burn, have some meaningless sex as a bonus. If all goes well, these 10 days will allow me to unfold a little, and learn a few valuable lessons I will be able to take home.

We should be able to find a rental car somewhere, be it in San Francisco or Los Angeles. One that will fit all our gear, as we pack up, hop in and set out on a life-changing trip smack across the United States. We should be headed east, across bedrock deserts and decadent cities of sin, music blazing or not at all, friends chatting or not at all.

If all goes well, I will have thousands upon thousands of photographs to document it all. My friends will quickly get used to the front end of my lens and will celebrate my efforts to get everything just perfect, and will love me forever for the days of work I will put into post-production. The end result will be both enormous for the 2 friends, and magnificent for everyone else. It will be the crown on my work.

Both friends will leave me there, one before the other. I will end up alone without feeling lonely, still carrying the Burning Man spark inside, lowering the threshold for me to connect with others. I will see friends I’ve never seen before, make new ones, and connect with those whom I haven’t seen in too long. I will be strong enough to fight the homesickness. I will be patient enough to let my wondering at this new continent drown our the nagging feeling of purposelessness.

I will take the plane back to Europe on October first, ending up where I started: London. From there, I will make my way back to this little town called Gent, which will be in the dark because Belgium just lost 60% of its power capacity due to sabotage of our nuclear power plants.

If all goes well, I will be happy to arrive home. I will be relieved to see my friends, I will feel at home in my messy room. It won’t cost me much energy to start looking for a new job, probably in media, as a camera or sound operator. Jobs will be aplenty.
If all goes well, I will find a steady job, get a decent income, maybe move to a place of my own, buy a car. Do all the things regular people do, not to imitate, but to lay a solid foundation for my life to come.

And if all goes well,

in Febuary,

I will become the proud father of a healthy child.

Didn’t see that one coming, did ya.
Neither did I.




One response

  1. Congrats. I wish the very best for you in both your adventures over seas and with being a father.

    20 August 2014 at 19:38

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