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The Scanner

“I need your help,” she texted me, and mentally I leaped forward, tore off my shirt, and flew into the sunset with unstoppable zeal. Physically, I texted back, “k.” and continued sleeping. (more…)

Militant Peace

Remember that thing you didn’t like, so much, that you decided to take it to the streets? Do you remember how many people were there, with banners and awkward slogans, marching through the officially designated streets towards a better tomorrow? Perhaps you made the newspaper or saw a hot-shot official that addressed the crowd. Must have been fun, but I never heard about it. I don’t know what you fought for, and therefore I probably don’t care much. In fact, no one does.
You didn’t shout loud enough. You weren’t angry enough. And I think, you weren’t violent enough.


Winning the Battle

I am often told that I am impossible to argue with. Depending on the person, this might surprise me and prompt me to question why. When I do, the answer is usually something like,
“You are stubborn and rude. When discussing with you, things get emotional and heated really quickly, with very little respect to the other person’s opinion.”
I have yet to be given an actual example.

The thing is, you see, I don’t usually get emotional in a rational discussion. When I feel insulted or belittled I might react out of proportion, but when it concerns a simple clash of opinion, I really don’t feel like I get very emotional, although I tend to raise my voice a little when getting excited.
Frankly, I think I already know why I am so difficult to persuade. Often, someone will drop their opinion on my plate, founded on their life experiences, deeply felt emotions and carefully reached conclusions. It might concern some moral principle, a personal habit or whatever, and comes straight from the heart.
And I sit there and dissect their phrasing a little, and pick out the first logical fallacy I see. “This is why your argument is invalid, and your opinion is wrong.”
Case closed unless they can bring a different, valid reasoning.



Recently, a nuclear power plant in Belgium was sabotaged successfully, by closing the valve for the lubrication oil, which was accessible in a far corner of the compound. In the case of a fire, that oil is dumped into a designated basin, which they checked and found empty in this case, so they figured the sensor readings, which were telling them the whole thing was grinding on dry gears, were off. It took them a couple hours for their penny to drop that the -I say again- nuclear fucking power plant was basically destroying itself and even after they turned off the system, it continued to spin on its own momentum for several minuted longer, after which it blocked completely and destroyed the blades of the turbine from the shock.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Belgium’s finest engineers. I suppose the dumbest of them need help dressing themselves. (more…)