Recently, a nuclear power plant in Belgium was sabotaged successfully, by closing the valve for the lubrication oil, which was accessible in a far corner of the compound. In the case of a fire, that oil is dumped into a designated basin, which they checked and found empty in this case, so they figured the sensor readings, which were telling them the whole thing was grinding on dry gears, were off. It took them a couple hours for their penny to drop that the -I say again- nuclear fucking power plant was basically destroying itself and even after they turned off the system, it continued to spin on its own momentum for several minuted longer, after which it blocked completely and destroyed the blades of the turbine from the shock.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Belgium’s finest engineers. I suppose the dumbest of them need help dressing themselves.
Several other nuclear reactors across Belgium are out of commission, because of maintenance or simply because they are aged beyond safety standards.
Think of nuclear power what you will, fact is that it is the most efficient source of electric power on the world. Not to mention, relatively clean and all in all, quite safe. I’d discuss that point further but it is beside the point I’d like to make.

The end result is that Belgium is running short on power. In fact, if this will turn out to be a harsh winter, we might run into an actual deficit and areas will have to be powered down for up to 4 hours. In the middle of a harsh winter, yes.
This puts Belgium, the home of the European Union, on par with St Petersburg, Russia and Sao Paulo, Brazil, where power outages are a common occurrence. In the words of a Couch Surfer: “Before you complain about your city, visit Sao Paulo first.” It looks like we all just might.

Studio Brussel, a local radio station, tried to set up a “powerless night” where people were to turn off the lights in preparation for a possible outage, and to teach them how to use less electricity. There was no mention of turning off your wasteful radio, at any point in time.
Our own provider Eni, where we were supposed to be getting 100% green energy from, sent me an email today, “How to prepare for a power outage,” encouraging us to buy battery-powered devices and light sources, or rent a generator.
Yes, 100% green energy. Diesel Generator. Their advice.

I have a tip of my own:
How about, instead of all of us cutting down on power consumption, we cut down on paying our fucking bills? Don’t you think that, if the lot of us organized a boycott, the companies involved will find a better solution real fucking fast?
They could start by putting security into place that might protect us from 1 single individual being able to put an entire (admittedly smallish) country into this mess.
A long, detailed and well versed apology would also be appreciated, hand written and sent by war pigeon. While they’re at it, they should also include the economical implications of their decision, so they can prove just how much money they save by putting our lives at risk.
Then, they can begin working on solutions that are ecologically, morally and economically acceptable instead of letting the whole thing depend on a single, unsafe, outdated reactor with a crew that makes a stagehand company look like NASA itself.

It boggles the mind that we find this acceptable. Just today, there was a national strike against certain political decisions I’m not going to elaborate on, while we bend over and get screwed by the money-grabbing companies that sell us our basic needs. How are we not locating the manager responsible and throwing him in a snake pit? I feel like somehow, we are being told to be thankful that we have electricity in the first place, at the mere cost of a small fortune and a kidney.

I sincerely hope no one gets hurt from this, or even inconvenienced, but at the same time, if that were to happen, I pray that the overdue wolf hunt will finally begin, and we’ll find the overpaid monkeys willing to wager the electric supply of schools, daycares, and retirement homes specifically in a harsh winter. Perhaps in prison, they might suffer the same cold fate because somehow, sitting in their mansion congratulating themselves, I very much doubt that they will.


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