10 Rules of the Leatherman

1. Thou shalt carry thy Leatherman. Without you, your Leatherman is nothing. Without your Leatherman, you are nothing.

2. Thou shalt maintain. A sharp Leatherman bathing in WD40 is twice the Leatherman.

3. Thou shalt use the Leatherman fit to thy needs. Bigger is not better. But usually is.

4. Thou shalt not lend. You will be returned a blunt, broken Leatherman. Let them carry their own damn tools.

5. Thou shalt withhold. For many jobs, there are better tools. Hold your Leatherman for when it makes a difference.

6. Thou shalt assist. With a Leatherman comes great power. With great power comes great responsibility. Help those in multitool need, taking rule #4 into account.

7. Thou shalt control thy self. A Leatherman contains a knife, which is a tool for work, not for bar fights.

8. Thou shalt respect others’ property. Do not mock, abuse or damage the Leatherman of your brother.

9. Thou shalt personalize. Your Leatherman is yours alone and should be an extension of your personality.

10. Thou shalt love thy Leatherman like thy genitals. With respect, discretion, skill, and confidence.

11. That shalt break at least one rule. Don’t let others keep you from being awesome.


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