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Nicki Minaj: The Pinkprint Tour

Everything has been said before
There’s nothing left to say anymore

This month’s work was compressed into 2 days, although we were at it over the span of 4, about 45 hours in total.
The same job twice: Nicki Minaj in Amsterdam, Nicki Minaj in Brussels. And yes, I saw the show. From the crowd, from the sidelines, from watching the director control the video feed backstage.

And did I enjoy the show? Yes.
Because these shows are enjoyable. I described the stage setting as “ordinary” numerous times during load-in, but nowadays an ordinary show is generally a good one.


The Privileged

Sexual intimidation or abuse is not okay and should never be tolerated. It may seem like it, but I am in no way defending this behavior.
This being said, as a privileged male, I have a word or two to say for us, privileged males.

It’s such a cliché, isn’t it: A burly worker in a fluorescent vest and under a yellow helmet, tossing some comment at a passing girl or woman who may or may not show any amount of skin in the way she is dressed. His colleagues chuckle and offer a contribution, and they all go back to work. Behavior as old as humanity itself, it seems.

It makes you wonder why. Objectively, but even more, subjectively, as the woman being harassed for the third time today, sick to death of the humiliation, the struggle for her presence to mean something beyond her appearance.
If you ask the workers, you will be given faulty reasoning: She would miss it if they would stop, they mean nothing by it, she secretly likes it, everyone does it. They put the blame on her or others, they even have terms for the purpose. Anything to falsely prove that their actions have no actual consequence.


Česká Republika

The first time I visited Czech Republic was on my way back from Lapland, taking a small detour through Eastern Europe before rushing into my exams back home. I remember being quite impressed with Prague, it left a deeply positive impression. I’m pretty sure I couchsurfed but sadly, I don’t remember who with or how well we got along.

The second time was with my girlfriend. I remember us alternating between romantic hand holding and epic fights about ridiculous things. Our visit left a bittersweet aftertaste.

And now recently, with days, weeks to spare in the republic without a single impression like the first, I have grown a little frustrated with it. The castles are still equally beautiful but I’ve seen them inside and out, the “metronome” kinetic statue is still fascinating but it never works, the language is still nice to hear but I’m not learning one iota past ‘hello’, ‘goodbye’ and ‘enjoy your meal’.