The human race needs a flag.

On Mars and our moon, only American flags stand. They don’t flutter in the wind because there is no wind. They just hang there, droopily, representing a country as if the moon is theirs now, like a dog pissing on a fire hydrant.

Is this what we represent when we leave our doorstep? We Terrans, is this our calling card? Or does it just represent part of us, the richest, or the most successful?

If the Chinese would conquer Venus, should they put down their red flag? The Russians, their hammer and sickle?

We need a flag, like Europe has, uniting people with a similar trait- their nationality in this case, but surely our humanity is a little more defining than that?
This only partly concerns space exploration, in fact, let’s leave that for the future. I think we could use a tangible icon to boost our fragile self-image a little.

So much love is wasted on our nations. Poured into a black hole, where it disappears, never to be seen again. Love for dirt, for soil, for the stuff that we happen to be born upon without lifting a finger. Our nation’s flags, depending on their placement’s intention, often embody little more than blind luck, a big middle finger to those living literal meters away, which happen to be on the other side of a dreamed-up border.

We need a flag we can rally behind, a common cause to fight for. One we can all regard with pride, a love and respect for our own race and our fellow human being. A flag that, when we salute, we salute our dead, our pioneers, our peacekeepers. The great names that define not our countries, but our selves.

It’s a naïve dream, of course. The trouble would start right off the bat, trying to choose the right image. Perhaps an abstract representation of our solar system with its 9 planets, or whoops make that 8. Or 10? Controversy ensues!

We are not ready to unite as a race, let alone represent ourselves as such. What a childish bunch we are, what narrow minds we have if we can’t seem to think outside our own backyard. Just the simple recognition that there are many more like us and we might do well to put our heads together to tackle imminent problems and explore space together, is one we can literally not accomplish.
In terms of genetic age, we are literally too young to wipe our own ass or speak about ourselves in first person.

The Japanese flag has my vote. Because the red disc is awesome and because fuck you, America.




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