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The Jam

They don’t call us roadies for nothing. It happens that we spend more time on the road than we do on the job, effectively cutting my minimum wage in half as I don’t get paid when I’m not physically working. It also happens that we get stuck in Belgium’s legendary traffic, which is some of the worst in the world.

It’s not so bad on an ordinary day, but if there’s an accident in a crucial place, which is roughly estimated, always, a 1-hour trip has been known to turn into 4 hours. And don’t think you’ll get a cent before you arrive on the job and get hammering: When you get fucked in traffic, you get fucked hard.

There are 2 types of driver I travel with. I don’t own a car so I’m always the passenger, so take what I say with a grain of salt, but there are the guys who deal with it, and there are those who deal with it poorly. The latter has their day ruined.

I don’t want your day ruined too, so here’s how to deal with Belgian traffic when you’re a roadie or anything else: (more…)

Political Correctness

I try. I really do. I may not try hard enough not to be rude to people, but when it comes to things that could systematically terrify certain groups in the population, I go a long way to avoid the kind of carelessness that basically just lifts the veil and reveals the douchebag underneath.

But god damn it, there are a lot of rules to follow. When writing, you should avoid trigger words that call up certain memories with certain people. When walking around, you should respect those who ask you to remain ‘scent-neutral’ because it might cause bodily reactions on their part. When jumping in bed with someone, no matter how heated the situation, you should get everything but a written consent for pretty much every piece of clothing you remove.

These things are important, you see. It is important to adjust your habits to them because first of all, it’s a small effort and refusing to do it shows that you’re a dick, but mostly, because it has great negative effects on a large number of people.