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Western Unions

Let’s play a game of “what if.” There aren’t many rules, but the most important one is that we will accept a hypothetical situation to be true, without question. And then we imagine what happens, and underline similarities and differences with today’s situation. Sometimes anomalies tell you more about the rule than standard cases.

What if…

What if worker unions in western first-world societies had too much power?

Let’s say that they do. That it is possible for a union to overstep their boundaries. It’s a taboo thing to say because pretty much everyone (even the unemployed) are with a union and will actively murder to defend it. But let’s assume.


What it is

“It is what it is.”

It’s a mental shrug, a surrender to circumstances while la resistance fights on relentlessly. It’s a conscious decision to fight our human tendency to whine and moan about things we can’t change. We steel ourselves this way, clench fists and motivate ourselves to take the next step, however small, towards the solution that will put all of this in the past.

No one understands the phrase better than people working in the event industry. Because whatever it is that day, it definitely is. And it’s a lot of it.


Set back

I’m trying to find me a car. Which is a problem because I know nothing of cars. The market is huge and as soon as I dip my toe in, I get flooded with so much redundant information that I can’t make out the trees from the forest.

If someone wanted to rip me off, he’d probably get away with it. Not that I am naïve, but my knowledge of quality cars is so limited that I couldn’t spot a major problem if it were staring me in the face.

I actually had my sights on a car, until I went to have it checked by the official garage, who routinely declared it a total loss. By the time I rolled it out, it was illegal to drive it back home. Which I proceeded to do- the perfect way to lose a drivers’ license if you get busted.