What it is

“It is what it is.”

It’s a mental shrug, a surrender to circumstances while la resistance fights on relentlessly. It’s a conscious decision to fight our human tendency to whine and moan about things we can’t change. We steel ourselves this way, clench fists and motivate ourselves to take the next step, however small, towards the solution that will put all of this in the past.

No one understands the phrase better than people working in the event industry. Because whatever it is that day, it definitely is. And it’s a lot of it.

Wake up sweating? Head feel like a car crash full of snot? The team is counting on you, son. Better consider what you’ll be putting your colleagues through if they have to run without their crew chief/technician/co-worker that day. Not to mention that, if you call in sick, you won’t get a penny.

Is it raining outside? Are your running late? Notice a tear in your favorite work pants? Put it on. Toughen the fuck up, get on that bike. Forgot your bike lights? No time to go back and get them, better look out through those blurry eyes, for cars and cops alike.

Driver even later than you are? Gotta wait in the rain, aware that with every passing second, there will be less time for breakfast? Suck it up. Maybe you can convince him to stop at a gas station where you can pay a small fortune for yesterday’s rolls. Sigh and find a dry doorway to stand in. It is what it is.

Did you want to go ahead and get started on that stage? Will you either have to wait until noon for them to lazily break up that shitty festival floor, or walk 30 meters with every pipe you pick up? Are you 4 guys short because of a driver gone missing? Did those promised volunteers not show up? Are the ones that did show up, the most inexperienced, whiny bitches of the crew?
Get over it. Today will suck.

Do your arms hurt? Are you losing your patience with that idiot who knowingly stacks the scaff material all wrong? Is that time coming in sight, where you were going to meet your friends for game night? Are the floor guys going home after an unfinished job just because it’s 5pm? Is the client coming down from his ivory tower just to reiterate that the stage needs to be done TODAY?
It is what it is, ladies and gentlemen. Get out your hammer and use it.

Could be worse. Could be raining. Look, there come the clouds.

It is what it is. And it’s shit. It’s misery in a distilled, purified form.

On the radio on the way home, the public transportation unions are announcing another strike because their work breaks shifted by 30 minutes. You ask your colleague what a work break is, and he shrugs. He’s focusing on getting home safe, where we can jump in bed without showering so we can get some sleep in before 4am, when the alarm clock goes off.


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