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Like a Chief

The only remaining crew chief in our stagehand company is on tour. Right now he’s wrapping up preparations and the first few shows in the Antwerp Sportpaleis and then he’ll be off for a few years. Or weeks. I don’t care that much.
Meanwhile, someone has to take over for him on the home front. And that someone is turning out to be me.

It has been brought to my attention subtly that I was not first choice. Or second. It’s because their usual replacement is joining on that same tour and his stand-in doesn’t have the time to dedicate to the job. They have to tell me this so that I, despite my temporary promotion, don’t go and think I have anything to say in the company politics- not that I intended to.

In the land of the blind, one-eye is king. That makes me the one-eyed king, the crew chief of the lowest paid employees in the business. It’s hardly a title to be very proud of, but you know what?
I fucking am. (more…)