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Project Awesome


Charleroi, at night. Wide lens, single light source held by model in the middle. Can’t lose.



When I was roughly 21, I sat down and wondered what would become of me. I felt very alone at that moment, and wondered when it would change. I felt badly about myself and realized that something had to give, that I couldn’t go on like that indefinitely. And I realized that 1 of 2 things were bound to happen:

Either I was going to find someone to spend my life with successfully, or I would get used to being alone.


Yins and Yangs

#PopularTopic of today: Facebook. My spellcheck is losing its shit.

I am member of several groups- as one will. And I like to contribute to them when I feel like I have stuff to add. And clearly I’m not the only one: The most active groups I frequent are a stagehand humor page on one hand, and a feminist discussion forum on the other. I like to keep up to date on both.


Shooting Straight

IMG_6264-9I’ve always had a history with graphical arts but I only decided to pick up photography as an excuse to leave the house. I was down and out and figured out that the only way to crawl out of this rut was to go out and experience the city again. but sitting by yourself wasn’t enough, I needed something to do. And what better way to enjoy a place than to hunt for new angles, new perspectives and capture them?

Almost 10 year later now, I have collected gear that I barely knew existed back then, and regardless of objective skill, I feel like I have improved tenfold. I have come to the point where I can start charging for my work, which happens once in a little while.