Project Awesome


Charleroi, at night. Wide lens, single light source held by model in the middle. Can’t lose.


  • A camera.
    Ha ha. Yes.
    My camera is up for the job, but (words that will be repeated) it’s an APS-C sensor, that means that that precious wide angle lens has to be multiplied with a factor 1.5- fuck that. What I need is a full-frame sensor, making the most of the lens while at the same time reducing signal noise. There’s no way around it- ideally I need a Canon 5D Mk3.


  • A wide angle lens.
    My 15-85 can go wider than most, but not wide enough- especially with the crop factor. It must be an EF lens as opposed to an EF-S lens because those only fit APS-C cameras. The EF 11-24mm f/4 USM seems interesting. The widest I can get without going fisheye.
    And it’s only €3,000. FML.


  • A tripod.
    Again, yes, I have a tripod, and again, it won’t cut it. It does its job (it holds up a camera) but it’s light and vibrates at the slightest gust of wind. Also, I’m not sure the ball head will hold a decent camera and lens, although it has done a mighty fine job with my 7D and 15-85, which are by no means light.


  • A light source.
    It needs to be epic. Mind blowing. Eye scorching. The kind that can illuminate a silo that was used to burn coal and generate electricity. Boom.
    My flash won’t do because it’s directional, it only shines one way. I need something like a light bulb, casting light all around.
    Oh and it must work on batteries. And be held in one hand. And be photogenic.


  • A model.
    I asked a friend who I know will say yes. And I got plenty more of those. The question is, will they be willing to come to Charleroi and dick around in the cold with an amateur like me. It will be a long night.
    I should be careful jumping on the most beautiful people I can find. Not just because they aren’t necessarily the most photogenic, but I’m not looking for beauty to begin with.
    Character is what I’m looking for. Attraction through content.


  • An outfit.
    Charleroi was recently elected Belgium’s most depressing city. On the day we went there, we visited old factory buildings, a deserted metro station, and a swimming pool that was abandoned, converted into a mosque, and then abandoned again. Notice a theme here?
    If Charleroi was any more post-apocalyptic, it would be featured in Fallout 5 as-is.
    I want to fit that mood, or contrast it. The best-fitting setting would be of the post-apocalyptic exploration kind, the sharpest contrast would be um, nudity. I might be able to find a few people interested in that as well, despite the cold and risk of tetanus.


  • Company?
    I’ve got many friends and family interested in photography, and I could use them as assistants. If nothing else, it should be a learning experience. Just as long as we’re all on the same page- if we’re gonna be walking into each other’s frame or flashing left and right during long exposures, we’ll get nowhere.


Tips are welcome. Where I can rent materials, who might be interested to pose or assist.
Any idea what I could use for a light source?



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