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The New Fatherhood

Tonight’s party started out with seeing an acquaintance again, after quite a while. From the first moment she got to talking about this guy she beat up the night before, because he had been repeating “I’m going to rape you” to her and her friends as they were leaving a bar. Even after the police came, she continued to slap him and wouldn’t give back the clothes she tore from him.

It was hard to wipe the grin off my face as she told me. Violence might not be “the answer” but a rape threat is pretty damn violent in itself. If you want my opinion (and everyone does, right?) he had it coming. What he did was way out there and perhaps now, as he is treating his burst lip in jail, his penny might drop after all. I later commended her for sticking up for herself and her friends.



Growing Pains

I hate this. I hate it.
This ugly world. The people in it. You, who can’t stop touching me with those long fingers of yours. Wanting, expecting, demanding. Making me work for money so you can take it back from me. Telling me I can’t climb cranes, that I can’t carry my tool on me.

I hate being told “you’ll hear from us” and that hopeful, powerful feeling that turns sour like rotting meat over the days that pass in silence. I hate this rat race, this necessity for not just being good enough, but being the best, so that I may be selected from the masses. I hate re-writing my resume for the sixth time just for you, so that it may look appealing enough for me to get a change and fake interest in front of you.


Steiner’s Gate & Beyond

Steiner’s Gate is a relatively young animated series about time travel. And I’m going to discuss it here. This shit better interest you or you’re going to have a very boring time.

Why don’t I have any friends that nerd out over this stuff like I do? It’s really not all that complicated, and at the same time, endlessly fascinating. On top of that, creating science fiction gives a fantastic opportunity to discuss (yes, all included in Steiner’s Gate) depression, dependence, gender identity, age, and the psychology behind things like regret, loss and even murder.