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The Ivory Tower

In an attempt to escape this feeling of a society down the drain, I’ve started doing voluntary work again. While most organizations just ask for money that I don’t have, a few of them are more than happy with a handyman or, as the case may be, translator. They’re still in need for those this day and age, go figure.

One of those jobs is something I’ve been meaning to do and was very excited to, and that’s logistics work at a refugee shelter. It’s a repurposed resting home where war refugees from different countries end up, while waiting for the green light to stay indefinitely.

I’ve always been very careful mentioning this in the many discussions that I go into regarding refugees. Even if I succeed in not using it as leverage to push my opinion onto others, I can imagine it will seem so. All in all, it is irrelevant. I’ve had my opinion for much longer than this and just because I spent 2 days at the most humane shelter of them all, doesn’t mean I have any authority on the matter.

Why bring it up now, then?