Pointing the Finger

2016 sucked, I think we can all agree on that. For me, it was marked by 2 milestones, moments that I remember like they were yesterday. It proves my bad memory because the last one happened just today.

The first was the death of Lemmy. I wasn’t just a big fan of his band Motörhead, but greatly looked up to the man himself, more than I realized. His death was a blow strong enough to make me take a long, hard look at my life and discover that his influence on it was significant.

The second was the election of Donald Trump for president, news that made me call out “You are joking” while I was completely alone. From the very beginning, I considered his victory a possibility more than my peers, because it would be the perfect cherry on the irony cake that had been baking since the last few American presidents. And if life taught me anything, it is that fate loves it some irony cake.

But, like my peers, I was dumbfounded when it happened. And when I say peers, I mean literally every single soul in Europe, except for the most right-wing of ignorant apes. But it happened. Just like a friend I once had, who shot a cat dead before our eyes because we kept on telling him that he didn’t dare, America elected a man who has managed to become a world-wide icon of hatred and stupidity almost overnight. And just like then, when the echo faded and the cat had lost its final fight in agony, I stared, wide-eyed, and waited for God to come down and unleash his anger upon the world.

And just like then, he did not. What had occurred, had irreversibly occurred, and things would never be the same again.

Dear United States of America,

You are sick. Not mentally, not even ethically, but physically. You have an auto-immune disease where your own body is turning against you. Your own cells believe they must fight the thing they are dependent upon, thinking they can pressure their government with rifles, violence and threats. Your own nation is battling such extremes inside that it no longer recognizes itself and is tearing itself apart.
In despair, you reach for a cure, anything to stop the turmoil, and you would take anything to end it. Just as eagerly, you would embrace things that only make matters worse for you-
And today, you did.

What began as a joke, like children daring each other to do an insane thing, ended in tragedy. The trigger is pulled, the dice is thrown. The damage will take many years to fully be understood but if this man accomplishes even half of the things he promised along the way, the US will be set back many more years than his presidency will last.

Now of course, comes the time to point the finger. Sanders could have done better, more black women should have voted, Clinton should have been more aggressive. But first and foremost, undeniably, Trump’s supporters are the reason for this.

I never participated in any of the debates, I didn’t have to since every single one of my friends agrees on a thing of simple common sense. But still, I am sick and tired of the countless discussions that I witnessed. And I don’t plan in participating.

If you voted for Trump,
If you call this man a businessman while he bankrupted several companies,
If you call this man a leader while the example he sets is that of a monster,
If you call this man president of all Americans while he promised to cast out so many of them based on their race, religion or political opinion,
If you voted for this man while he insulted your women,
You are beyond rational debate. You, good sir, madam or similar, are impossible to reason with. And you, sitting there typing your response filled to the brim with false reasoning, are responsible for the damage that your -and my- children will face.

This is not open for discussion, because you are painfully obviously incapable of such. Common sense does not apply with you. You couldn’t see your fault if it stood in front of you, smiling its smug grin on your television, promising to be the president “of all Americans”.

And yes, me being me, I will point at the voters of Clinton, as well. If all those cries, all this begging to go and vote, would have been for the opposite, things would have been different. If every single one who had the feeling that they were choosing between two evils, no matter who you ended up voting for, would have put all that time and effort into protests instead of rallying people to vote, the whole system would topple over and would have to be re-built from the ground up. Common sense seems lost on you, too.

All this may not seem like a big deal to some. I’ve seen and heard it all now: The pendulum swings, it’s not so bad, he won’t invent fascism. But as somebody who studied the political build-up behind the world wars in his spare time, let me tell you that it chilled me to the bone when I realized just how humane and recognizable European politics were before shit hit the fan. All it takes is some good old-fashioned right-wing intolerance piled together. As hate provokes more hate, a chemistry builds up until a single spark sends everything spiraling out of control, in ways not even the biggest warmongers could have predicted.

If you think things are safe with people like Trump in power, you should think again, very carefully. No other country in the world, including Russia, spends anywhere close to what the US spends on “defense”. Trump may not be able to launch the nukes single-handedly but he won’t have to: With all this physical force at this bigot’s disposal, he will no doubt push to use it in let’s say, forcing Mexico to pay for the 40,000,000 dollar wall he plans to build.

Read my lips: The danger is real. The damage is real. People will die unnecessarily. Foreigners, but also Americans. From conflicts, internal and external, that could have been avoided.
America, with all its progress and hope, did a half turn today and it is for the rest of the world to watch how many steps will be taken back. Among my Egyptian, Turkish and Ukrainian friends whose Facebook accounts I check every once in a while to see how they’re doing, I am adding my American ones because for the next 4 years, I’ll be wondering, every now and then, how they’re doing and if they are safe.


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