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The place

“It’s an amazing place,” I admitted despite myself. “You don’t find any of these in Belgium. They all seem like lovely people to hang out with, until you realize they were all singing in a church a few hours ago.” Of course, I was kidding. Mostly.

We were visiting an old monastery in Czechia. My son had run off in a full-on charm offensive against the other adults, and we were discussing our whereabouts in the inner courtyard.

The place had seen its last monk a decade ago, and was currently run by a priest who had built a community to renovate and maintain it. He did a fantastic job at it, somewhat aided by the bond between people of the same religion. (more…)


Here’s a word neither one of us ever thought to find in a first-person sentence on anything I ever write ever:
When you are done laughing, bear with me for a minute or two.

“But Maarten, you grisly item of attraction, didn’t you love your job? Best job in the world and all?”

Yes. And yes and thanks.
Working with your hands, head and heart in roughly equal measure is how I feel everyone should work. This was my dream job and I stand by that, even though only about 20% of it turns out to be stage work. The rest is maintenance of the building and logistics. 0% is maintaining social relationships and the plants and furniture outside our front door- there is room for improvement there, to put it with a gross understatement. (more…)