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Brain in a Jar

I’ve been looking into the Fermi Paradox lately, which asks the question, if the probability of extraterrestrial life is so high, why can’t we find any evidence of it. While the actual answer is straightforward to the point of obvious (life is hard to detect and the universe is quite big and empty), it’s interesting to play around with some thought experiments.

Imagine we should have detected life by now, but didn’t, what could be the cause? Maybe they don’t want to be detected? Maybe they can’t be, as they have become trans-dimensional?

One of the possibilities to consider is to look inward and, assuming our own existence, question everything else. After all, who isn’t to say that we aren’t just brains in a jar, plugged into some computer that sends us impulses? The difference with reality would be indistinguishable, and we could live our lives certain of our surroundings, but they’re fake. (more…)