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My name is Maarten and I have a problem. One that never once in my life, I thought I’d have.

Early on in life, I started to feel a most peculiar thing when involved in some project, sometimes given the most mundane and repetitive tasks: I felt useful. I never really fit in at school so being someplace where people were happy to see me, was quite novel. Little by little, I began to see labor as my merit to others, and because I got good at it, conveniently used it to measure my worth.

In the end, I managed the ultimate success: I made my hobby my job, and I never worked another day in my life.
What they forget to include in this woefully simplified slogan though, is that you’ll find yourself fresh out of hobbies.

If you are working towards this state, good. It’s a wonderful life and I hope you get there. But it’s not all great: As your job grows to be a part of your personality, it gets increasingly hard to separate one from the other. Already I define myself as a “stage technician” more than anything. I take my work home and I am at home at work, until the two become hard to distinguish.



Amberdrift. Is there a term more poetic in any branch of showbiz? I doubt it.

Enjoy it while it lasts, because it is quickly disappearing. It’s an effect inherent to tungsten and halogen lighting, both of which are making way to new LED technology. You see, both technologies are some of the worst things mankind has ever created and frankly, we should have made their redundancy a priority on the first day after they were ever invented.

Overreacting, say you? What if I tell you that in the best case, halogen has a 3.5% efficiency? You might think now that the quick little sum that your brain just made is based on wrong assumptions, but it isn’t. The most efficient halogen light bulbs waste 96.5 percent of the energy coursing through them, almost all of it on heat. The worst ones waste 98%.