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People have weird turn-ons. Some get off on hands, or feet, or other various extremities that may or may not be present from birth, and may or may not be literal. Some are attracted to intelligence, some to confidence, some to silence.

Me, I have the weirdest fascination for things outside my perspective. It runs deep. Queer things in all senses of the word. Experiences I have never considered, aspects of life I never visited, points of view that come from such a fundamentally different basis, that I’d have to go back to my essence to fully grasp their line of thinking, if I ever could to begin with.



Almost exactly a year ago, I was having a conversation with a woman at work. She was quite attractive in looks and aura, but perhaps mostly in the love that she expressed towards the man sitting next to her. She adored him, even though they were a generation apart and their relationship was strictly professional.

We had called on the phone before, and she asked if we might have room for an intern. The question had been dropped before (many schools are now including stage-related stuff to their classes) but I had never felt ready before. But when she rang me up, with her enthusiasm and obvious care for her work… Why not.

Let’s call him Frank.