The Local Perspective

VR Theater

Anybody who ever watched a full-length 3D movie at the theater and enjoyed it, raise your hand.
Yeah me neither.

Considered what an incredible technology 3D theater is, it is such a huge waste of time and money to actually build and use it. Where the promise was that 3D movies would make you feel like you where actually there, the effect is that the image becomes confusing, distracting and uncomfortable.

I remember when they worked with polarized light, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Too expensive maybe? If you’ve ever bought a decent filter for your camera you know they cost a pretty penny. (more…)


The Ghost in the Johansson

(Zero spoilers below)

I knew nothing of anime before I saw the original Ghost in the Shell, directed by Mamoru Oshii. The only exposure I had had was Dragon Ball Z right after school, on the huge flickering TV we had at boarding school. It was something we both ridiculed and loved, as with many things at that age.

I thought I’d be watching a movie, but what happened was, I got exposed to a wide landscape of novelty. On the subject of what an animated movie can be, but also what can happen if said movie has a philosophical underpinning on the scale of Ghost in the Shell. (more…)


Do not skip this. Do not think I am joking.
The following is about a theater play that kicked up some controversy because of its highly sexual content and explicit imagery. Since I am not planning on censoring my content based on this, you better believe there will be offensive language under that line below.
By continuing to read you are agreeing that you are a consenting adult, capable of making your own decisions. Complaints will be met with language much worse.



There’s no business like show business. It is unique because it aspires to be: When a carpenter goes to see a show, he doesn’t want to see the same shit that he does all week. We still use the industrial standards but with every new thing that is designed, people work hard to up the ante.

It should come as no surprise then, that you’ll find many things and expressions used nowhere else. We have silly names for them, like pickle (a control box for electric motors), a lamp (light bulb), a banana (a line array of speakers), a kabuki (a curtain that falls by remote control), a snake (thick cable that runs from the sound desk to the stage), I could probably come up with dozens more if I put my head to it. And then there’s the abbreviations like FOH, PA, HQI, and so on.

But some of them are special and deserve some further explanation, conveniently giving me the excuse to talk about my job.


Steiner’s Gate & Beyond

Steiner’s Gate is a relatively young animated series about time travel. And I’m going to discuss it here. This shit better interest you or you’re going to have a very boring time.

Why don’t I have any friends that nerd out over this stuff like I do? It’s really not all that complicated, and at the same time, endlessly fascinating. On top of that, creating science fiction gives a fantastic opportunity to discuss (yes, all included in Steiner’s Gate) depression, dependence, gender identity, age, and the psychology behind things like regret, loss and even murder.


Nicki Minaj: The Pinkprint Tour

Everything has been said before
There’s nothing left to say anymore

This month’s work was compressed into 2 days, although we were at it over the span of 4, about 45 hours in total.
The same job twice: Nicki Minaj in Amsterdam, Nicki Minaj in Brussels. And yes, I saw the show. From the crowd, from the sidelines, from watching the director control the video feed backstage.

And did I enjoy the show? Yes.
Because these shows are enjoyable. I described the stage setting as “ordinary” numerous times during load-in, but nowadays an ordinary show is generally a good one.


Mr Nobody

Before children are born, their lips are touched by the angels of oblivion. It’s why we can remember the past but not the future. But they did miss one, which was born with the gift of foresight.

Imagine, as this child, it turns out you chose the wrong parents. A couple who seemed a viable choice, turns into a family destroyed and the child is forced to choose once again, between two parents he equally loves. Wouldn’t you want to know the consequences of your choice? If the promise of true happiness lies within your grasp, wouldn’t you reach?
And so, the story of Nemo Nobody begins. Or rather, stories.



IMG_6473Germanic WarriorThe Goths were an East-Germanic people divided into the Visigoths and the Booboogoths, who pretty much single-handedly served the Roman empire its own ass and lived happily ever after until they all died. They were a tribe with lots of swords and shields and redheads, and for a numbskull like me, there is very little visual distinction between them and let’s say, the Celtics, the Gaels, the Vikings, or any caricature my grade school history books depicted fighting Romans, bears, or each other.


Disney on Ice

Once in a while you see the kind of people that make you think, “They’ve seen too many Disney films.” Bubbly little princes or princesses with a worrisome imagination and a bias towards all things pink or cuddly. Not bad people per se, but… Disney types.

So imagine then, the people who play Cinderella her fucking self. Imagine whole rooms filled with such people. Whose job it is to be a mermaid or blue Gizmo. What kind of people would they be?
I got to find out first hand, backstage at Disney on Ice: Mickey and Minnie’s Fantastical Journey or some shit. It’s the oldest DOI show currently touring, which is noticeable by the props that are older than I am.


Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat – Weltuntergangstimmung

When I saw ‘Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat’ on the local concert agenda, I stopped for a moment and considered going. I’ve known of their existence for a while so I was already over that first “what kind of bullshit band name is that” and even the “okay so it’s their band name but it’s still bullshit” phase. It still took my girlfriend dragging me there before I actually did see them, though.

I know of their reputation as a “pretty good gig” but I’ll be fair: I did not have the slightest clue what I was going to see. I was expecting rock of some sort but to my surprise, I was treated to some classy new wave. And let’s be honest, is there such a thing as bad new wave?