The Author

“You looked so angry when I first met you, so serious. But once I got to know you… You’re really kind of goofy.”

DSC_0368 cropMaarten is a stage technician born in Ghent, Belgium.

In a nutshell, his childhood involved a wealthy white kid’s life- until the age of 10, when his mother died. What followed was a string of boarding schools, a bumpy relationship of 7 years, Ritalin, computer game addictions, and eventually dropping out of school prematurely. It was a downward spiral abruptly broken by the Belgian army where he served as a medic, and learned some self respect.

Two years later, he found work as a stagehand, and slowly since, his place in the world. It took a while longer before things stabilized, and they still continue to do so.
Maarten writes to monitor that progress, to marvel at the many facets of life, and report about them to anyone who is interested.

Besides some pictures on this site, he also runs an awesome photography blog.


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